Eight of New Zealand's finest restaurants have been named among the world's best. The restaurants were included on La Liste's 1000 outstanding restaurants for 2017, double the amount from the year before. La Liste aggregates reviews from 400 trusted sources to compile t...
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On November 18, Lyttelton chef Giulio Sturla will be at the Taste of Auckland event. He's one of a lineup of big names taking part in the "chef's secrets" section where festival goers can pay for an intimate cooking demonstration by a top chef. I mention this because it sho...
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New Zealand Herald article by Jesse Mulligan

When Giulio Sturla opened Roots an ultra-modern restaurant in Lyttelton, the locals hated it. The Canterbury harbour town may have relaxed into its role at the cutting edge of New Zealand's alt-country music industry, but the idea of an eatery with no menu — just a 10-cour...
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No holds barred

October 17, 2016

New Zealand Home Style article by Alice Lines

The vibrant port town of Lyttelton is known for its spirited community, fantastic farmers' market and laid-back lifestyle – and now its claims to fame also include being the home of one of New Zealand's top dining spots, Roots Restaurant. Roots' owners Christy and Giulio ...
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Expect the Unexpected

September 20, 2016

Article by Henry Hargreaves

In New Zealand's port settlement of Lyttelton, an almost Tolkienesque backdrop meets an intimate 30-seater eatery. At Giulio and Christy Sturla's Roots, definitions are loose: staff are family, restaurant is home, and currency is happiness. Guests are warmly welcomed, the on...
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Inspire me: Giulio Sturla

September 8, 2016

Interview for My Darling Lemon Thyme by Emma Galloway

Moving home to NZ I really wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the food scene. It's been 10 years since I left the kitchen and after 5 years spent living in Australia I have to admit, I felt really out of touch with whats been happening at home. Now that we're back and I'...
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I know this is a bold statement, but I think I've found my new favourite restaurant in New Zealand. Wait, wait, hear me out. The award-winning Roots Restaurant is tucked away on the main street in Lyttelton, the quaint port town outside of Christchurch. Simple, light, and un...
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Congratulations to the nine Canterbury restaurants that made the Cuisine Good Food Guide this year and especially to those that won the rare and much-prized hat awards on Monday night. Roots' achievement in being named a three-hat restaurant is the standout result. The smal...
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On Monday night it was all bow ties and cheers at the Auckland Museum as the best dining places in New Zealand celebrated life at the top of the ladder. Cuisine launched its 2016 Good Food Guide which named 83 restaurants good enough to get in as well as awarding hats to 47...
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New Zealand's most influential restaurateurs, chefs, critics and food-lovers are uniting to make the country's food famous. The collaboration, called ConversatioNZ, has been joined by official media partner Cuisine magazine to create a sustainable partnership to boost the...
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