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Eight New Zealand restaurants named on La Liste's top 1000

Eight of New Zealand's finest restaurants have been named among the world's best. The restaurants were included on La Liste's 1000 outstanding restaurants for 2017, double the amount from the year before. La Liste aggregates reviews from 400 trusted sources to compile the 1000 best restaurants in the world. It's organised by former French foreign minister and current deputy chairman of the country's tourism promotion board, Philippe Faure. New Zealand's top restaurant on the list was Au...

January 13, 2017

Restaurant Review: Roots Restaurant, Lyttelton

On November 18, Lyttelton chef Giulio Sturla will be at the Taste of Auckland event. He's one of a lineup of big names taking part in the "chef's secrets" section where festival goers can pay for an intimate cooking demonstration by a top chef. I mention this because it shows that Auckland is taking notice of what the Roots team is achieving in Lyttelton - the only restaurant outside Auckland to achieve the ultimate three-hat status in the Cuisine Good Food Awards. I've been told that Aucklan...

November 3, 2016

Lyttelton: Seasonal Surprises

When Giulio Sturla opened Roots an ultra-modern restaurant in Lyttelton, the locals hated it. The Canterbury harbour town may have relaxed into its role at the cutting edge of New Zealand's alt-country music industry, but the idea of an eatery with no menu — just a 10-course degustation — didn't go down well. "People would say, 'I just want a steak, do you have a steak in the freezer?'" says Giulio, who trained at the world-renowned Mugaritz in Spain's northern Basque country. "I'd tell t...

November 2, 2016

No holds barred

The vibrant port town of Lyttelton is known for its spirited community, fantastic farmers' market and laid-back lifestyle – and now its claims to fame also include being the home of one of New Zealand's top dining spots, Roots Restaurant. Roots' owners Christy and Giulio Sturla arrived in late 2010 and set about fulfilling their dream of opening an eatery with a seasonal dégustation menu celebrating local ingredients and small producers. After operating for a few years as a petite 25-seat jo...

October 17, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

In New Zealand's port settlement of Lyttelton, an almost Tolkienesque backdrop meets an intimate 30-seater eatery. At Giulio and Christy Sturla's Roots, definitions are loose: staff are family, restaurant is home, and currency is happiness. Guests are warmly welcomed, the only expectation to come, sit, and enjoy. Menus and such frivolous clutter are discarded—replaced by a seasonal degustation taken in the tranquil private garden, or one of two cosy dining rooms. But the lax concept was met b...

September 20, 2016

Inspire me: Giulio Sturla

Moving home to NZ I really wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the food scene. It's been 10 years since I left the kitchen and after 5 years spent living in Australia I have to admit, I felt really out of touch with whats been happening at home. Now that we're back and I've had a chance to re-connect, eat some amazing food and spend time with some incredibly talented people I feel like right now, we are in extremely exciting times here in little ol' New Zealand. The number of truly passionate...

September 8, 2016

The Roots of good food is in Lyttelton

I know this is a bold statement, but I think I've found my new favourite restaurant in New Zealand. Wait, wait, hear me out. The award-winning Roots Restaurant is tucked away on the main street in Lyttelton, the quaint port town outside of Christchurch. Simple, light, and unobtrusive, it doesn't stand out or beg for attention. Almost as soon as you walk inside you are transported to a place where you know you're about to have an exquisite dining experience. And that's what Roots does best, it p...

August 20, 2016

Nine Canterbury restaurants make Cuisine Good Food Guide

Congratulations to the nine Canterbury restaurants that made the Cuisine Good Food Guide this year and especially to those that won the rare and much-prized hat awards on Monday night. Roots' achievement in being named a three-hat restaurant is the standout result. The small Lyttelton restaurant has become the only restaurant outside of Auckland to reach this standard and the three hats mark a spectacular climb up the ranks since it first came to national notice in 2013. Roots has shown that...

August 11, 2016

Cuisine awards highlight rising quality of fine dining outside Auckland

On Monday night it was all bow ties and cheers at the Auckland Museum as the best dining places in New Zealand celebrated life at the top of the ladder. Cuisine launched its 2016 Good Food Guide which named 83 restaurants good enough to get in as well as awarding hats to 47 of them who were just that little bit extra special. One hat is being a bit extra special. Two hats is hit-out-of-the-park special and the tiny handful on three hats are in such rarefied air at the top of the ladder they s...

August 10, 2016

Cuisine joins ConversatioNZ to boost NZ's food profile

New Zealand's most influential restaurateurs, chefs, critics and food-lovers are uniting to make the country's food famous. The collaboration, called ConversatioNZ, has been joined by official media partner Cuisine magazine to create a sustainable partnership to boost the country's profile, emphasising the vast array of fresh, high-quality produce available nationwide. ConversatioNZ has started a Pledgeme page in an effort to make their cause sustainable for the future. The movement was ...

August 8, 2016

'Human Touch' Emphasised

Roots in Lyttelton was awarded Restaurant of the Year in the Cuisine Good Food Awards last year. Rebecca Fox attended a workshop at the International Food Design Conference in Dunedin recently where chef and co-owner Giulio Sturla shared his story. It is "fine food, not fine dining'', Giulio Sturla says of the small plates of food served at his award-winning restaurant. Roots, in Lyttelton, offers seasonal degustation menus based on locally grown produce from its own garden and other farms a...

July 13, 2016

In New Zealand, Food as Dramatic and Diverse as its Scenery

[...] Sullivans influence ricocheted down through the years and landed, most notably, at Roots, a tiny spot in Lyttelton run by young Chilean chef Giulio Sturla and his American wife, Christy. I had stopped for lunch on my way to Annandale because Id read that Roots had recently been named New Zealands Restaurant of the Year. The bare-bones dining room was like the culmination of Sullivans locavore journey, but certain culinary markersof Ren Redzepis heightened sensibilities, of Sturlas global v...

June 17, 2016

Cuisine award makes Roots restaurant a drawcard for Lyttelton

Some things change but some stay exactly the same when you get national recognition. Ewan Sargent visits Roots - last year's Cuisine Good Food Guide restaurant of the year. At 10am, an apron-wearing Giulio Sturla is hunched over a twin sink tucked into the corner of the tiny Roots restaurant kitchen in Lyttelton. He's making careful cuts into a huge, mottled green turbot. The fish is on a chopping board balanced on the sink edge, which makes a tricky operation even trickier. More huge turbot a...

June 15, 2016

Roots Restaurant: Kiwiana Fine Dining with a Twist

If creative Kiwiana dining is your thing, read on! If fine-dining on locally sourced food created by a boundary-pushing imaginative Chilean chef on a tiny street at the back of Christchurch's Port Hills sounds like you, then pour yourself a wine and settle in for a read and a drool through my photo gallery. It was a chilly winter's night when we arrived at award-winning Roots Restaurant in Lyttelton for what was to be an evening of not just eating and drinking, but of my horizons being widene...

June 3, 2016

Four Kiwi chefs announced as Pacific semi-finalists in 2016 Young Chef Awards

Four Kiwi chefs have been announced as semi-finalists in this year's S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition, proving New Zealand punches above its weight when it comes to culinary talent. Tom Hishon of Orphans Kitchen, Christopher Walker of Roots Restaurant, Josh Barlow of The Grove, and Leslie Hottiaux of Apero Food & Wine have been announced as the competition's Pacific region semi-finalists. The next challenge for the chefs will take place in Melbourne in late July, where they will recreate th...

May 4, 2016

Where to eat in Christchurch

Awarded Restaurant of the Year in the Cuisine NZ Good Food Awards in 2015, Roots Restaurant in the port town of Lyttelton is a must for foodies. This intimate fine-diner serves ever-changing dégustation menus with a focus on sustainable produce sourced from the restaurant's own garden, foraging and local farms within a 100-kilometre radius. The brainchild of chef Giulio Sturla and his partner, Christy Martin, Roots Restaurant is wildly popular so be sure to book well in advance. Read the origi...

April 22, 2016

Lyttelton’s Roots Restaurant savours small, sustainable pleasures

Aftershocks were still rattling Canterbury when Giulio and Christy Sturla launched a bold new dining experience. Lyttelton has a new star in town, a restaurant that is taking food sustainability to a whole new level: award-winning Roots Restaurant is helping reinvigorate the town's spirit as it rebuilds from the Canterbury earthquakes. In a quaint, two-storey building on the main street of Lyttelton, on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, an excited hush descends as the first course...

July 6, 2015


29th of June 2015 ConversatioNZ Food Manifesto sets high goals for New Zealand food ConversatioNZ is a movement initiated by New Zealand chefs and other interested parties of the food industry to inspire and empower New Zealand culinary circles and the wider food community by creating strong sense of pride and respect to our natural (edible) resources. ConversatioNZ aims to place New Zealand food firmly on the world map. The organisation has created the Food Manifesto to capture the values an...

June 28, 2015

Restaurant of the Year chef no flash in the pan

The Press Your Weekend. Article by Ewan Sergent 20.06.2015 From the front bay window table of Roots restaurant you can just see the worn patch of footpath outside the next-door shop that Giulio Sturla and partner Christy Martin are talking about. Roots, if you don't already know, was this month named "restaurant of the year" by Cuisine magazine. The award was for having an impact and having a story to tell. But Roots also won two hats, which puts it in the country's top 12 restaurants. It's ...

June 21, 2015

Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman

Lyttelton's Roots Restaurant was named Cuisine's restaurant of the year. Chef Guilio Sturla and owner Christy Martin talk about the challenge of getting Roots Restaurant up and running after the devastating 2011 earthquake. Listen to Christy Martin and Giulio Sturla's interview with Wallace Chapman from National Radio HERE....

June 15, 2015

The Positive Food Dream: Now a Reality

Giulio Sturla talks about the connection between nature and food. By understanding nature better, people will get a greater understand and appreciation for food. Recording of PechaKucha 20x20 presentation in Lyttelton on FEB 11, 2-15 LISTEN ...

June 11, 2015

Canterbury Restaurant Roots named NZ best

Lyttelton restaurant Roots has been named Restaurant of the Year in the Cuisine NZ Good Food Awards. The awards recognised the best restaurants throughout New Zealand at an industry-only cocktail event on Monday 8 June at Auckland's St Matthew in the City. They were announced in conjunction with the publication of the Cuisine Good Food Guide, which profiles the top 76 restaurants throughout the country...

June 11, 2015

Taking NZ Cuisine to the World

Viva Magazine, 13 May 2015 ''We should sit down and have a debate on what it means to be Kiwi, what Kiwi food is and what can be done," urged Michelin-starred chef Matt Lambert of The Musket Room in New York. On a trip back to his homeland, Lambert was speaking at ConversatioNZ, an event that gathered a group of progressive New Zealand chefs, suppliers and food folk in Christchurch to debate just where the country's gastronomy is at and how best to play on its strengths and take it to the next...

May 16, 2015

Cook Up Series: Roots @ Orphans Kitchen

Roots Restaurant will join Tom Hishon and Orphans Kitchen for the next ConversatioNZ "Cook Up" in Auckland. Roots and Orphans Kitchen share the passion for unadulterated food and offer their collaborative inspiration on 9th of June 2015 in the form of a six course degustation menu. Cook up is about chefs coming together and bringing their conversation & collaboration from a co-lab kitchen to the wider public. In this case 1+1 is never just 2, everything is possible! Join us! BOOKINGS AVA...

April 4, 2015

Cook Up Series: Matt Lambert & Roots Restaurant

Cook up series is about chefs coming together and bringing the conversation on an intimate level to the wider public. Collaboration is the core of ConversatioNZ. There is unique opportunity to join Roots and Matt Lambert for the first Cook up's on two nights: 5th and 6th of May 2015. Matt Lambert is a kiwi chef in New York, who just after 4 months of his restaurant, The Musket Room opening, earned his first Michelin Star. Matt is bringing his inspirational story to ConversatioNZ and opening ...

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