The Beginning, Pursuance of Our Voice


Boost of inspiration for New Zealand food culture
9th of March 2015

A group of New Zealand chefs is bringing to life a movement through thought and action – a conversation among chefs and peers from hospitality industry here in New Zealand; to inspire and promote sharing of ideas, knowledge and passion.

will begin with a day of talks The Beginning, Pursuance of Our Voice on 4th of May 2015 at XCHC, Christchurch.

New Zealand is not widely known as a world food destination. We have however something very unique – climate that is very kind and an environment that offers stunning quality produce from land and sea. There is so much knowledge and talent right here and a foundation of developing strong food culture. Lauraine Jacobs, food & wine writer says "The only way forward for New Zealand to be recognized internationally is if we can share amazing tales, stories and vision. There is a lack of recognition of local and seasonal food, even within the industry, which is not helped by supermarket driven policies of distribution and supply."

ConversatioNZ is an opportunity. An opportunity to connect with minds and souls that are part of the food community in New Zealand and beyond. This is not planned as a one-off event, but an ongoing conversation.

Giulio Sturla
from Roots Restaurant, the man behind the idea of the ConversatioNZ, says: "We want to create a strong community around food; what we grow, what we know, what we eat and what we create or plate, and to push ourselves to the next level. We want to share what we do and to be inspired."

The speakers on 4th of May 2015 include international and New Zealand chefs, writers, growers and professionals including Matt Lambert (Musket Room, New York), Lauraine Jacobs (Listener food writer), Michael Meredith (Meredith's), Bevan Smith (Riverstone Kitchen), Michael Voumard and many other talented people. ConversatioNZ will inspire chefs and peers in the food industry.

There are great examples of similar movements in the top food world to lead the way and show why it is important for chefs and people in the food industry to come together such as Mad by Rene Rezepi, of Noma, Denmark, and WAW by Ben Shewry, Attica, Australia. ConversatioNZ promises to be an exciting and inspirational opportunity for New Zealand food, wine and tourism.

We dream big!

Registration and further information about the movement and day of talks The Beginning, Pursuance of Our Voice at www.conversationz.co.nz.


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